West Calder High School supports all our young people to move into a positive and sustained destination from school and our planning for the BGE and Senior Phase in Curriculum for Excellence underpins this aim.

To achieve this, we need to raise the awareness of the options and many different pathways that are available for pupils, parents and staff. It is important to view the BGE (S1 - S3) and the Senior Phase (S4 - S6) as a 3-year experience rather than a single year-on-year approach. It is important that we work to ensure that all our young people move onto a job, training opportunity, college course or university place when they leave us. Learners need to have parallel plans; a plan A, B and C, and keep their options open.

Within this section you will see a number of qualifications currently offered at West Calder High School.

In this section you will find information related to the college courses that are run by West Lothian College aimed at S4-S6 pupils.