Why choose West Lothian College?

West Lothian College want all students to achieve a positive destination after completion of their course; whether this is further studies, an apprenticeship or a job. 97% of 2016-17 graduates had a positive destination 6 months after completion of their course.

The college offers around 100 full-time courses and 30 schools courses, where young people will study with over 1,000 other school students and leavers.

The college prides itself on being small enough to cater for individual student needs, ensuring that all students feel valued and can achieve their full potential. Classes are usually around 18-20 students, where students will work with the same peers and lecturers over the course of the year, creating consistency and familiarity. 

Students experience a range of different approaches to learning. The majority of courses provide a mix between academic study, placements, and practical and transferable skills such as group work.

The college offers courses ranging from NC Level 4 right up to degree; giving students no wrong path to where they want to be - with 15 courses offering direct entry to 2nd or 3rd year of university.

Full-time, part-time, a schools course or an apprenticeship?

Full-time study

Full-time courses usually entail 3 full days study per week and an expectation of self-study out with class time. Courses range from level 4 to degree level.

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Schools courses

Schools courses are studied alongside school subjects and are aimed at S4-S6 students. These range from Level 4 to Level 7, including Foundation Apprenticeships.

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Foundation Apprenticeships

These courses are completed whilst still at school, usually over the course of two years in 5th and 6th year. As Level 6 qualifications, these are equivalent in level to a Higher and also include a work placement.

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To find out which course is suitable visit our qualifications explained (opens new window).

Who can I talk to if I want more information?

If you would like to make an appointment to talk to a member of the admissions team, a careers advisor or lecturer at West Lothian College, please call 01506 418181 or email enquiries@west-lothian.ac.uk

Or if you want to see the campus, talk to course lecturers or find out about the courses and activities undertaken at West Lothian College, you can attend one of the college open information days or evenings.

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Visit the West Lothian College website (opens new window) for more information and to apply for a course